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In the state of New York, Surrogate’s Court is the Court that resolves disputes involving a disposition of a decedent’s property and claims against the decedent’s estate. Normally, a decedent’s property is distributed without incident under the terms of a Will or, if there was no Will, as the law requires. Although rare, Surrogate’s Court will oversee trials and other contested hearings involving, for example, whether a Will was properly executed, or is genuine (“Will contest”), whether a particular person should inherit property, and whether an estate representative acted properly in administering the decedent’s estate.


Knowing how to effectively navigate Surrogate’s Court is essential. At Falcone Law Firm, we have highly experienced lawyers who regularly appear before the Surrogate. Our legal team is ready to help every step of the way.


If you have a dispute that involves the proper disposition of a decedent’s estate, or if you have a claim against an estate, please contact us at 631-607-4529 for a consultation.

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What are Considered Assets?

In probate cases, there are various types of assets that are distributed. In New York, this includes money, vehicles, artwork, and other items. This can be a time-consuming process, and is sometimes met with resistance from various family members. However, if the court has given the executor or administrator legal authority to complete these tasks, there is little anyone else can do to change the outcome. Yet, it is important to remember the New York Surrogates Court focuses only on property located in New York, and is unable to rule on property located in other states.


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With the many variables that can come from probate matters, it is always smart to consult an experienced attorney regarding any questions you may have. This is especially important if you have been named the executor of an estate, or if you are an heir who has questions or concerns about the distribution of assets. To make sure you understand the process and have peace of mind along the way, contact Falcone Law Firm to make the probate process as simple as possible.

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